Bill Wyman has revealed his favourite photo of all time – a picture of him with blues legend Howlin’ Wolf – taken in 1975.

The photo – part of an interview with the Daily Express – sees Bill conjure up memories of sharing the spotlight with Howlin’ Wolf, and sharing some great food.

The interview – My favoourite photograph by musician Bill Wyman – and Bill revealed that playing with Howlin’ Wolf was an amazing experience, with Howlin’ Wolf being one of Bill’s all-time idols.

The article says:

This photo of me with Howlin’ Wolf was taken at his home in Chicago in July 1975. I gave him tickets for a Stones concert and, as I’d heard in the media that he didn’t have any money, I arranged a limo to collect him and his wife Lillie. He came backstage then when he went into the auditorium, they all stood and applauded him.

His wife said it was one of the most wonderful moments of his life and the next night he invited the whole band to his house. Can you believe that nobody wanted to go except me?  Howlin’ Wolf was like a giant bear. Everyone thought he was frightening and to look at him he was, but he was a real sweetheart when you got to know him.

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