The BBC Radio 2 show with Ken Bruce has featured a week of Bill’s ‘Tracks Of My Years’ – a collection of music through the years that Bill holds up as particularly special.

The popular BBC Radio 2 show, presented by Ken Bruce, is broadcast on weekday mornings in the UK at 9:30. Bill’s ‘Tracks Of My Years’ featured from Wednesday, July 15 – and you can listen to the shows again to hear the interviews until the middle of August.

Listen to the Ken Bruce BBC Radio 2 – featuring the Bill Wyman ‘Tracks Of My Years’ interviews.

Bill’s choices are reflect his musical career and influences, with Bill selecting songs from the likes of Imelda May, Level 42, Chris Rea, Tina Turner and Ike Turner, and Prince La La.

You can listen to Bill’s complete ‘Tracks Of My Years’ playlist at the BBC Playlists site.

What do you think of Bill’s choices – and what would be your tracks of your years. Leave your recommendations in the comments section.