The Telegraph has published an interview with Bill, talking about Bill’s travelling life – from the beaches at Clacton to beachcombing in Fiji.

The interview – Bill Wyman’s Travelling Life – was published today, and Bill recalls his childhood holidays, why he always carries around a MacBook Air when travelling, and his earliest memories of travelling abroad.

The interview also provides some fascinating insights into Bill’s childhood. When asked about his childhood holidays, Bill said:

We couldn’t afford it. I was 11 when I went away for the first time, camping in Whitchurch, near Winchester, with the boy scouts. A year later, my dad – a bricklayer – had saved enough to take us to Jaywick Sands, Clacton-on-Sea. I remember the holiday vividly because I nearly drowned. I was walking by a wooden breakwater, looking for winkles and whelks, when I disappeared down a gap filled with water. I tried escaping but the sand kept collapsing around me. Fortunately, my dad ran over and saved me. It was terrifying and I haven’t liked being in water since.

Read the full interview – Bill Wyman’s Travelling Life at the Telegraph.