Bill has featured in an interview with The Guardian, showing off some of his rare cars from his collection – some of which are up for auction.

The interview reveals how Bill fell in love with his Citroen Maserati, and how when he was with the Rolling Stones, Bill actually funded research at Mercedes Benz for the development of a custom model created just for Bill.

Bill’s fascinating behind-the-scenes reveal of two of his prized cars comes as Bonhams auction house prepares to auction two of Bill’s cars: the 1971 Citroen Maserati SM and his 1966 Mercedes-Benz S. Both are expected to raise up to £65,000, and will be auctioned at Bonhams’ Festival Of Speed sale on 26 June.

The Mercedes-Benz S is noted for the first time a Mercedes-Benz was produced with blacked-out windows – a development that was insisted on and funded by Bill himself.

According to the article:

Wyman recalled that “everyone was getting blacked-out windows” at the time. “Mercedes had never done blacked-out windows though, so I had to contribute to the research on how to make them. It cost me about £350.

“Then, of course, I got stopped all the time. The police usually wanted to see who was in it.”

You can read the entire article at The Guardian.