Bill pays tribute to his friend and artist G. Mancini

Bill has paid tribute to his friend and famed artist G. Mancini, who sadly passed away on April 13 at St Paul de Vence in France.

G. Mancini was renowned for his bronze sculpture work with installations around St Paul de Vence, and many collectable versions sold to collectors.

Bill says he was a great friend, and Bill was photographed many times over the years with G. Mancini, having known him from the 1970s. Bill has fond memories of him, and counts two of his small bronze sculptures in his collection of art.

Below are various photos from Bill’s archive, showing Bill and G. Marcini, as well as his work.

2000_Le_Chat_Mancini_Sculpture 2009_BW_MancinI_Sculpture 2010_BW_Mancini


  1. Dear Bill,
    I am sorry to hear the news about G Mancini. I didn’t discover he had died until a few days after our very interesting talk. I did not know him but I hope you will accept my condolences.
    Warmest regards,
    Neil N

  2. I bought Lover 1 several years ago in Panama City Beach in Florida. It is a sculpture of turtles. It is quite large and beautiful and I am really excited to own the work. It is signed by G Mancini. It has many admirers.

    • I have lover one and two and would like to know more about them


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