Bill recently visited the Natural History Museum in London, along with his daughter Jessy, to see the Coral Reef: Secret Cities Of The Sea exhibition.

Bill says the event was great – he was invited along to visit the exhibition, including a series of talks. Bill says the exhibition is a must for anyone interested in ecology.

According to the Natural History Museum web site:

Coral reefs are home to almost a quarter of all marine species. In this new exhibition you will meet the inhabitants of these richly diverse habitats, and find out why reefs are so important and how their future is being secured.

Encounter 250 strange and beautiful specimens from our collections including the gigantic Turbinaria coral, the venomous blue-ringed octopus and coral collected by Charles Darwin.

Take a virtual reef dive, see live sea coral and fish in our aquarium and enjoy spectacular underwater photography.

Dr Ken Johnson, Museum coral reefs expert, explains the importance of corals:

‘Coral reefs are not simply beautiful environments. They provide food, income and storm protection for many millions of people around the world.’

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