Bill Wyman has revealed his thoughts on metal-detecting for an interview in The Times – a passion that even saw Bill create his own Bill Wyman Signature metal detector.

Bill is among a number of famous names who have taken to metal detecting, forming a celebrity army of stars spending their spare time unearthing the treasures from our rich history.

Bill created the Bill Wyman Signature metal detector to make metal detecting as accessible for everyone, and it has lots of fans. Read more about the Bill Wyman Signature metal detector.

Bill appeared in The Times article in December, titled For History And Riches Go Treasure-Seeking. You can read the full article at The Times (subscription required).

Mark Bridge (TIMES 27.12.14) said:

Tens of thousands of Britons from all walks of life, including a former member of the Rolling Stones, are regularly spending hours of their weekends searching for hidden treasure and they have uncovered more than a million historic artefacts over the past 20 years, including hundreds of ancient Roman coin hoards, elaborate Anglo-Saxon war-gear and Viking silver…

…Besides Mackenzie Crook, the author and co-star of Detectorists, another celebrity who is a metal detector enthusiast is Bill Wyman, the former Rolling Stones bassist, who now sells his own Wyman Signature Detector. He has found hundreds of artefacts, including medieval gold coins worth £1,000 each, but stresses that his hobby is for historical interest, not money.

Wyman has said: “After I’ve been out metal detecting I come home with my pockets full, wash the finds, spread them out to dry and begin to wonder what they all are. Then I can invent my own stories about how a particular coin or brooch came to be in that field. Detecting makes history so much more interesting — it’s a great hobby.”

Read the full article at The Times (subscription required).