Web site No Treble has published a look at Bill’s work and style as a bass player, including his time with the Rolling Stones.

The article, called ‘Bass Players To Know: Bill Wyman’ details Bill’s history as a bass player, as well as providing links to iTunes to listen to samples of Bill’s bass playing.

The article says:

Wyman has an innate sense of musicality that makes him the ideal bass player for the Rolling Stones. He understands how to lock in with Watts, compliment the rhythm guitar, leave space at the appropriate moments, and support the song with solid root notes, primal energy, and traditional blues patterns. Wyman tends to settle into bass parts as opposed to bass lines; he doesn’t necessarily play a set “groove” or sequence of notes. Instead, he establishes a somewhat loose, yet clearly distinguishable part that unites all of the musical elements of the song. His part is malleable and reactionary, always going with the flow of the band and often developing in complexity as the song progresses.

You can read the full review of Bill’s work at No Treble.