Bill Wyman has given an in-depth interview with Norwegian newspaper Telen, appearing as a huge story with stunning photos in the Kultur section to promote the up-coming Rhythm Kings tour.

The interview – translated as ‘No career step to join the Stones’ – sees Bill reveal how he loves touring with the Rhythm Kings, playing smaller venues, and how he suddenly realised he needed to get off the Rolling Stones juggernaut.

When we started with The Stones we thought it was something that would last for two to three years. It suited me fine because I had other plans and interests. Then I suddenly stood there and found out that I had been doing this for thirty years, I realized that if I were to get the time some of my other interests until it was too late, it was time to do it now, he says. (Translated).

Bill then talks extensively about his love of blues music, as well as his greatest moment in his career. Of falling in love with blues music, Bill says:

It was really when I joined The Stones. Brian Jones collected on blue plates and made me listen. I did not know the blues before it, for there was no blue plates in stores at the time, and you heard it nor on radio or TV. The only blues as blues artists from America who toured around with the band as Chris Barber’s jazz band and performed for jazz audience. So aside from the quirky collectors were few in both England and Europe who knew of the blues at the time. But I was completely hooked and have since gathered on blue plates wherever I come across them. Eventually we started to play with famous blue stars as Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Buddy Guy, and Pinetop Perkins, and it was great. (Translated).

You can read the original Norwegian Telen Bill Wyman interview, or you can read a translated Bill Wyman interview in English via Google Translate.

The original newspaper article is also shown below: