Bill Wyman portrait by David Larkham – watch the amazing time-lapse video

Famed designer and artist David Larkham has completed a portrait of Bill Wyman – and you can watch a stunning video of David’s creation as he works on it from start to finish.

The portrait of Bill is part of a series that David is working on, and he sent through the time-lapse video of his work showing the detail of the painting as he worked on it.

“I am doing a series of portraits of The Rolling Stones. As I worked on Bill Wyman’s painting, I photographed it at intervals over several months, and then edited it into a movie. The soundtrack is Bill’s 1981 hit – ‘Si, si, je suis un rock star’,” says David.

David is a well-known artist, having created album covers including making of the album cover artwork for Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

You can watch the three minute below.


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  1. Since you left Dickenson Road Weston S Mare I have been interested in your but have never managed to catch up with you.

    Great to see your name in “lights”


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