Bill Wyman’s Pizza Express gig gallery

Bill Wyman made a special guest appearance at London’s Soho Pizza Express, when he dropped in for a intimate gig on March 21 – and we’ve got exclusive photos from the evening.

Bill Wyman appeared at ‘Boogie Woogie Night’ on March 21 at Pizza Express, along with Ben Waters and Axel Zwingenberger, with Terry Taylor. Boogie Woogie maestros Ben Waters and Axel Zwingenberger werejoined by special guest bass legend Bill Wyman (former Rolling Stones bassist and leader of the Rhythm Kings), fellow Rhythm King guitarist Terry ‘Tex’ Taylor and drummer Barney Stevens.


  1. Please use the link below to view photographs of Bill at the PizzaExpress Jazz Club…


  2. Really great show, enjoyed it immensly. Barney Stevens is my son so I was especially proud of him. The rest of the band seemed really nice people to talk to, Shame there weren’t more photos of the whole band including Ben’ waters son. Sorry, wrong email address

  3. I have been waiting for an autographed picture of Bill since the performed in my home town of Syracuse New York in 1965.
    I have been a fan of his work through the years and am almost tired of writing an asking. I am now 66 years of age, have I waited long enough?

  4. I didn’t think this was going to be printed…thanks.
    I made a typo in the first sentence…the should be he.
    That being said, maybe we are onto something here…I hope.
    I don’t know if Bill sees these comments, but if he does…perhaps someone from his camp will contact me by e-mail and I will be able to fill the hole in my collection of great bassists. I will gladly furnish my address and phone number.
    Thank you in advance.

    • I’have had the pleasure of meeting bill several times I’ll look out an autograph form of memorabilia for you Richard with great pleasure it took me fourty years to meet the great man and what a descent man could I of wished to meet and the great Albert lee too


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