Tribute to Sir David Frost

Bill Wyman has paid tribute to Sir David Frost, who sadly passed away aged 74 while on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship, with Bill remembering Sir David Frost as a friend.

Bill says that he had known Sir David Frost since 1967, and had enjoyed visiting Sir David’s famous garden parties that he held annually in Chelsea. Bill says his will miss his friend, and paid tribute to a journalist and media star who famously interviewed Richard Nixon and a host of historic figures.

Bill appeared several times on the David Frost show, including in 1969 performing with the Rolling Stones where they played Honky Tonk Woman.


  1. Hi Bill and the band we have booked to see you at Buxton on the U.K tour.Just been listening to some soul stuff and listened to one that would suit the band,you may have used it in the past but give it a listen BAREFOOTIN by. ROBERT PARKER. Plenty of brass in it .all the best looking forward to November at Buxton.

  2. Hi Bill I have just finished your book Stone Alone which I thought was a great read, I would like to know what is the follow on book, if there is one, also I have tickets to see you in Birmingham on 14 November 2013 and I`m sitting near the front so say hi if you remember.

    Yours Steve


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