Rolling Stones


January 15th

Bill’s new band ‘The Squires’ played their first show


Bill’s new band ‘The Cliftons’ played their first show


Mick met Keith on Dartford Railway Station and they became friends.

10th October

Brian saw the Chris Barber band & Alexis Korner Concert in Cheltenham, where he met Alexis & chatted.


Mick and Keith began rehearsing with Dick Taylor, Bob Beckwith and Allen Etherington in Dartford. They later named their band Boy Blue & The Blue Boys – but they ultimately never did a gig.



Charlie joined Blues Incorporated as their drummer.

17th March

Brian hitch-hiked from Cheltenham to see Blues Incorporated play their first show at the Ealing Club, London. Brian asked for the chance to play.

24th March

Brian sat in with Blues Incorporated at Ealing, playing slide guitar and again the following week.

7th April

Mick, Keith, Dick Taylor and Alan Etherington visited the Ealing Club and saw Brian playing slide guitar. After the show, Mick spoke to Brian.


Brian put an ad in Jazz News for people interested in forming an R&B band. Ian Stewart (Stu) was the first to answer. Brian began rehearsing with various musicians.


Mick started rehearsing with Brian, Stu and others and later introduced Keith & Dick Taylor.


Brian named his new group The Rollin’ Stones inspired by the Muddy Waters song Rollin’ Stone Blues.

12th July

Show: Marquee Jazz Club, London – the Stones’ first-ever show – though without Bill or Charlie.


Brian moved into a flat at 102 Edith Grove, Chelsea, London. A few weeks later Mick and Keith moved in with him.

18th August

Brian put an ad in Melody Maker for a drummer. Bill’s drummer Tony Chapman answered the ad and joined Brian’s band.

27th August

Bill bought Vox AC30 Amp for The Cliftons.


The Cliftons still playing many gigs around South London. Brian’s Rollin’ Stones doing occasional gigs, without Bill or Charlie at this stage.


Dick Taylor left the Stones and later formed The Pretty Things.

27th October

Demo Session: Stones at Curly Clayton Studio, London.

5th December

Bill met Stu at the Red Lion Pub, Sutton, Surrey.

Bill Wyman joins the Rolling Stones

Following Dick Taylor’s departure in September, Bill Wyman joins the Rolling Stones in December 1962.

Bill says: “I went to the Weatherby Arms pub in World’s End, Chelsea. I was introduced to Mick, who was quite friendly, and I was then introduced to Brian and Keith. And they were very cool and showed little interest. However, I got the equipment out and set it up and suddenly there was lots of interest, because I had a huge bass amp which I’d made. I had an AC30 Vox amp, and another smaller amp, an Watkins Westminster. They had horrible amps, so they were happy. I bought a round of drinks for everyone and offered them cigarettes, and of course they were jumped upon immediately because they all smoked but couldn’t afford any.

“We rehearsed some Jimmy Reed songs and some pretty authentic Blues. I thought the general opinion from the boys was ‘really good amps, bass playing is nothing special, but we’ll keep him so we can use the amps. They asked me to come to the next rehearsal and I agreed.”

7th December

Bill rehearsed with Tony Chapman and the Stones at the Wetherby Arms, Chelsea, London still without Charlie at this point. Stones now doing regular gigs around London and the surrounding suburbs.


6th January

Stones first night Top of The Ronettes Tour of the UK until January 27th.

10th January

Charlie Watts agreed to join the Stones. Tony Chapman fired.

14th January

First show with complete Stones line-up at the All-Nighter Club, Flamingo Jazz Club, Soho, London.

31st January

Show: Marquee Jazz Club, London (last time – fired by Cyril Davis).


Jazz promoters started booking Stones gigs in London.


Brian Jones met Giorgio Gomelski, who found gigs for Stones.

24th February

Show: Station Hotel, Richmond, Surrey (first time).

11th March

Stones first recording session at IBC Studios, London with engineer/producer Glyn Johns. Stones record five songs. Turned down by all recorded companies.

13th April

Stones first press write-up in the Richmond & Twickenham Times.

14th April

Show: Crawdaddy Club, Station Hotel, Richmond, Surrey. The Beatles visited and hung out with the Stones all night.

24th April

Show: Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, Surrey (first time).

28th April

Show: Crawdaddy Club, Station Hotel, Richmond, Surrey. Andrew Oldham and Eric Easton visited.


Charlie Watts stopped work and became fully professional with the Stones. Ian Stewart was demoted from the band by Andrew Oldham and became the Stones road manager.

1st May

Brian Jones (on behalf of the Stones) signed a management agreement with Andrew Oldham and Eric Easton.

4th May

Andrew Oldham bought the Stones their first stage outfits.

Photo Sessions: Stones with Nicholas Wright and Philip Townsend around Chelsea and beside the River Thames.

Show: News Of The World Charity Gala, Battersea Pleasure Gardens, Battersea, London.

9th May

Brian signed a 3-year recording contract between Stones and Andrew Oldham and Eric Easton.

10th May

First official recording session for Stones at (old) Olympic Studios, London.

Engineer: Roger Savage.

Producer: Andrew Oldham.

Cut Come On and I Want To Be Loved.

11th May

First article and photo on Stones in Record Mirror Music Paper.

14th May

Tape Lease Agreements between Stones and Decca Records.

Rolling Stones release first singles – and play their first gig outside London

Rolling Stones release first singles – and play their first gig outside London

Now renamed the Rolling Stones, the band releases their first single, a Chuck Berry cover, Come On on June 7. The single reached #21 on the UK singles chart.

On July 13, the Rolling Stones play their first gig outside London at a club in Middlesbrough, England as part of the package tour. They share the bill with The Hollies.

Autumn sees the band open for Little Richard, Bo Diddley and The Everly Brothers on a full UK tour. They release their second single, a cover of the Lennon–McCartney track, I Wanna Be Your Man. The single reached #12 on the UK singles chart.


7th June

Record release: Rolling Stones release Come On, their first single in UK b/w I Want To Be Loved (Decca F.11675).

It reached number 20 in the charts.

13th June

First press article in the national paper the Daily Mirror.

16th June

Last show at Crawdaddy Club, Station Hotel, Richmond, Surrey.

29th June

Andrew Oldham smartening Stones up bought stage outfits in Carnaby Street – leather waistcoats and dog-tooth jackets.

30th June

The first show at Crawdaddy Club, Athletic Ground, Richmond.


Mick Jagger started going out with Chrissie Shrimpton and they were together for three years.

Stones now doing ballroom shows around England.

7th July

Stones first TV show: ABC TV’s Thank Your Lucky Stars at the Alpha Studios, Aston, Birmingham, in dog-tooth jackets.

13th July

First Show out of London and its suburbs at The Outlook Club, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire supporting The Hollies.

19th July

First cancelled show at St. Clements Hall, Hastings, Sussex as Brian was ill.


Bill Wyman left work and turned professional with the Stones.

8th August

Recording Session: Stones at Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London. Cut four tracks for the first EP which was No.1 for weeks.

9th August

Stones did their first endorsement for Vox Equipment.

11th August

Show: 3rd Richmond Jazz Festival, Athletic Grounds, Richmond where they were bottom of the bill. It caused a sensation.

23rd August

Stones first appearance on Ready, Steady, Go! TV show playing Live.


Brian, Mick and Keith Richards left the Edith Grove flat and moved to separate accommodation.

2nd September

Bill Wyman stopped using home-made bass guitar and bought a Framus Star Bass.

10th September

John Lennon and Paul McCartney gave the Stones the song I Wanna Be Your Man.

15th September

Show: Great Pop Prom, Royal Albert Hall, London.

28th September

BBC Radio’s Saturday Club featured Charlie, Brian and Bill backing Bo Diddley.

29th September

The first night of the Everly Brothers/Bo Diddley UK package tour which ran until the end of November.

30th September

Mick terminated his studies at the London School of Economics.

5th October

Little Richard joined the Everly Brothers tour.

1st November

Record release: Rolling Stones second single in UK I Wanna Be Your Man b/w Stoned (Decca F.11764).

Got to number 9 in charts.

21st December

Stones Christmas ad in the New Record Mirror said ‘Best Wishes To All The Starving Hairdressers & Their Families’.


10th January

Record release: Rolling Stones first EP in UK – The Rolling Stones – (Decca DFE.8560).

13th January

Stones flew for the first time from London to Glasgow for first Scottish gig.

6th February

Recording Session: Stones at Pye Studios, Marble Arch, London.
Cut a TV commercial for Kellogg’s Rice Krispies.

8th February

Stones top John Leyton UK package tour until March 7th.

21st February

Record release: Rolling Stones third Single in UK – Not Fade Away b/w Little By Little – (Decca F.11845).
Got to number 3 in the charts.
Released in the US on 6th March.

6th March

Release of Stones first US Single – ‘Not Fade Away’ b/w ‘I Wanna Be Your Man‘ – (London 45-LON.9657).
It reached number 44 in the charts.

March 12th

Stones first Silver Disc for UK Single ‘Not Fade Away‘.

March 14th

Ray Coleman (Melody Maker) wrote his famous piece ‘Would You Let Your Sister Go With A Rolling Stone‘.

21st March

Melody Maker printed first caricatures of Stones.

11th April

Press revealed that Bill was married with a son.

The Rolling Stones album is released and reach No 1. in the UK singles chart

The band released their third single which reaches #3 on the United Kingdom singles chart in February. The single is a cover of Not Fade Away by Buddy Holly.
The band’s first album, The Rolling Stones, is released in the United Kingdom on April 16, followed by a release in the US on May 30 where it climbs to #11 on Billboard’s album chart. For this release, the album is retitled The Rolling Stones, England’s Newest Hitmakers.
The success sees the Rolling Stones tour the United States for the first time in June, where they also appear on The Ed Sullivan Show and The Hollywood Palace. Back in the UK, the Rolling Stones score their first number one song with It’s All Over Now, a song written by Bobby Womack and Shirley Womack.
In October, their second album 12 X 5 is released, but only in the United States, and the Rolling Stones begin their second tour of the United States by performing on the Ed Sullivan Show.

16th April

Show: Cubi-Club, Rochdale, Lancashire – which was cancelled by the police.

19th April

The Stones went abroad for the first time and played at the International Golden Rose TV Awards, in Montreux, Switzerland.

21st April

Show: Beat Festival, Withdean Stadium, Brighton, Sussex which was originally scheduled for May is cancelled by the police.

26th April

Stones appear at the NME Poll Winner’s Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley.


The Rolling Stones’ first album is released in the US – ‘England’s Newest Hitmakers – The Rolling Stones‘ – (London LL.3375).

1st June

The Rolling Stones flew from London to New York to embark on their first US tour.

3rd June

The Rolling Stones pre-recorded ABC TV’s ‘The Hollywood Palace Show‘, and were ridiculed by Dean Martin on the show when it aired on June 13th.

10th June

First edition of UK Rolling Stones Monthly magazine (30 editions published on 10th of every month).

11th June

First recording session at Chess Studios, Chicago.

13th June

Release of Rolling Stones second US Single – Tell Me b/w I Just Want To Make Love To You – London 45-LON.9682. Reached No.24 in charts.

16th June

Rolling Stones voted No.1 group in England in New Musical Express.

20th June

Rolling Stones end US Tour with two shows at Carnegie Hall, New York to riots.

26th June

Release of Rolling Stones 4th UK single – It’s All Over Now b/w Good Times, Bad Times – Decca F.11934. Went to No.1.

1st July

Rolling Stones Limited was incorporated. Each Stones owning an equal fifth share.

25th July

Release of Stones’ third US single – It’s All Over Now b/w Good Times, Bad Times – London 45-LON.9687. Reached No.26 in the charts.

4th August

Bill officially became William George Wyman by Deed Poll.

7th August

Rolling Stones headline 4th National Jazz & Blues Festival, Athletic Ground, Richmond, Surrey.

8th August

Rolling Stones’ first gig in Holland at the Kurhaus theatre, Scheveningen, Den Haag ends in a massive riot.

14th August

Release of Rolling Stones’ second UK EP Five By Five – Decca DFE.8590. Went to No.1.

18th August

Rolling Stones Channel Islands tour, until 22nd August 1964.

23rd August

Mike Dorsey began work for the Rolling Stones as chauffeur and tour manager.

5th September

Stones top the Inez & Charlie Foxx UK Package Tour, to 11th October.

8th September

Rolling Stones voted No.1 UK group and single Not Fade Away was voted No.1 disc of the year in Melody Maker.