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Release date: May 15, 2000

Format: CD

Label: Papillon Records

There’s a theatrical comedy saying known as ‘The Rule of Three’. The first sets the gag up, the second prepares the audience & the third delivers the punch. In this third album, Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings pull no punches and deliver the goods.

Groovin’ is a musical recipe that is simply mouth-watering – blend together the creme de la creme of British musicianship, pour them over some of the greatest songs of the last 30 years, sprinkle in some new compositions organically-grown on the Wyman estate and the result is deliciously irresistible.

You might call it ‘the cordon blues’.

Groovin’ gives you the blues the way they are meant to be played, with honesty, heart and outstanding musicianship. Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings are the best. But would you except Bill Wyman to offer us anything less?

Musicians featured include Graham Broad, Gary Brooker, Adrian Byron Burns, Keeley Coburn, Ray Cooper, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Fairweather Low, Georgie Fame, Chris Hall, Dave Hartley, Eddie Hession, Gerry Hogan, Janice Hoyte, Anita Kelsey, Anthony Kerr, Albert Lee, Frank Mead, Zoe Nicholas, Nick Payn, Nick Pentelow, Jerry Portnoy, Melanie Redmond, Beverley Skeete, Sara Skeete, Henry Spinetti, Martin Taylor, Mick Taylor, Terry Taylor, Susie Webb and Bill Wyman.

It reached No 1 in the UK Jazz and Blues Charts.

Album artwork

Track listing

  • Groovin’
  • Tell You A Secret (Bill Wyman/Terry Taylor) (Wytel Music Ltd)
  • Groovin’ (Edward Brigati/Felix Cavaliere) (EMI Music Publishing Ltd)
  • Rough Cut Diamond (Bill Wyman/Terry Taylor) (Wytel Music Ltd)
  • Mood Swing (Niall Toner/Wendy Buckner/Keith Sewell) (Bardis Music Co Ltd/EMI Music Publishing Ltd)
  • Hole In The Wall (Bill Wyman/Terry Taylor) (Wytel Music Ltd)
  • Can’t Get My Rest At Night (J David Ray)
  • I Put A Spell On You (Jay Hawkins) (EMI United Partnership Ltd)
  • Tomorrow Night (Bill Wyman) (Ripple Music)
  • I Want To Be Evil (Judson/Taylor) (Universal/MCA Music Ltd)
  • Rhythm King (G Fame) (MCPS)
  • Daydream (J Sebastian) (Robbins Music Corp Ltd)
  • Oh! Baby (Barbara Linda Ozen) (Jamie Music Publishing Ltd)
  • Streamline Woman (Bill Wyman/Terry Taylor) (Wytel Music Ltd)
  • Yesterdays (Kern/Harbach) (Universal Music Publishing)

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