Green Ice

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Release date: May 1, 1981

Format: CD


Bill Wyman is famed for his time with the Rolling Stones – but his musical career stretches beyond that of the Stones’ bass player. Bill has composed various film scores, including for Green Ice, the 1981 Omar Sharif-Ryan O’Neal film.

This rare recording shows Bill stretch his musical muscle and venture into the world of composing cinematic scores. Bill also composed the scores for the films Phenomena and Terror At The Opera in the 1980s.

Featured musicians

  • Bill Wyman – bass guitar and guitars and harmonica and synthesizers and percussion
  • Terry Taylor – acoustic, electric and Spanish guitars and kyoto, synthesizers and percussion
  • Dave Mattacks – drums and Latin percussion
  • Dave Ritchmond – bass guitar on Tenderness and Floating
  • Kenny Baker – trumpet on Sol Y Sombro and Green Ice Main Theme
  • Tristian Fry – Marimba on Noche De Amor
  • Maria Muldaur – solo vocals on Tenderness and Floating
  • Maria Muldaur, Doreen Chanter and Stuart Epps – backing vocals

Special thanks to Ken Thorne, Bob Hathaway and Laurence ronson of Paper Music for their help and enthusiasm.
* Appear courtesy of Ripple Records.

Album Produced by Bill Wyman.
All music and lyrics by Bill Wyman.
Except Sol Y sombra and Noche De Amor composed by Bill Wyman and Terry Taylor and Emerald Waltz composed by Terry Taylor.
Orchestral arrangements and conducting by Ken Thorne.
Music co-ordination by Graham Walker.
Recorded by Stuart Epps and John Richards.
Mixed by Chris Kimsey courtesy of Chris Kimsey Productions Ltd.
Sleeve design by Rod Sutterby and Peter Burt.
Sleeve photography by Theo Bergstrom.
Sleeve gems by R Holt & Co Ltd, Hatton Garden, London.

Album artwork

Track listing

  • Green Ice
  • Si Si
  • Beach Chase
  • Holbrooks House (Green Ice Theme)
  • Floating (Cloudhopper Theme)
  • Emerald Guitars
  • Emerald Vault
  • The Water Bottle
  • Noche De Amor
  • Colombia (Green Ice Opening Titles)
  • Tenderness
  • Showdown
  • Cloudhoppers
  • Churchyard (Green Ice Theme)
  • The Mines
  • Sol Y Combra
  • Miami Arrival
  • Emerald Waltz
  • Si Si – Repris

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