10th July

Bill met his future wife Suzanne Accosta at a model’s cocktail party in Paris, France.

28th June

Bill Wyman performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival with Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells

13th May

Release of Bill Wyman's first solo album in UK – Monkey Grip – on Rolling Stones Records COC.59102

5th May

Recording Session: Bill and Charlie recorded with Howlin' Wolf in London until 6th May.


Work on the new Stones album ground to a halt after differences between Mick and Keith in Paris, France.

5th October

Photo session: Bill, Charlie and Ronnie photographed by Roy Adzak using a thermo camera to create thermographic photos for Emotional Rescue album cover at Pathe Marconi Studio, Paris.

27th June

The Rolling Stones recorded at Pathe Marconi Studios, Paris, France – until 9th August 1979.

1st June

Release of The Rolling Stones' 28th UK album - Time Waits For No One (Anthology 1971-1977) - RS Records COC 59107.

22nd April

Concert For The National Institute of the Blind - afternoon and evening shows at The Oshawa Civic Auditorium, Toronto, Canada. Featured New Barbarians (Ronnie & Keith) and The Rolling Stones.

11th March

The Rolling Stones' recording sessions were put off indefinitely.

6th February

Alan Dunn and his girlfriend Ramona Herman were washed out to sea in a small dinghy. Over the next two days, various Stones flew in planes over the sea looking for them.
Mid-afternoon on the 8th February, Alan Dunn and Ramona Herman were picked up by the yacht Drummer, 12-15 miles north of Nassau and were returned to Compass Point safe and sound.

22nd January

The Rolling Stones recorded at the Compass Point Studio in Nassau, Bahamas – until 12th February 1979.

29th November

Release of The Rolling Stones' 38th US single - Shattered b/w Everything's Turning To Gold - RS Records RS.19310.

7th October

TV Show (US): the Stones appeared on Saturday Night Live.

22nd September

Release of The Rolling Stones' 34th UK single - Respectable b/w When The Whip Comes Down - EMI.2861.

28th August

Release of The Rolling Stones' 37th US single - Beast Of Burden b/w When The Whip Comes Down - RS.19309.

13th July

The Rolling Stones broke the World Indoor Record with a crowd of 80,100 at the Superdome concert in New Orleans, Louisiana.

11th July

Bill discharged himself from the hospital. He played with two fingers on his left-hand strapped and he received medical treatment throughout the remaining two weeks of the tour.

10th July

The Rolling Stones performed at the St.Paul Civic Center, Minnisota. Bill fell off the back of stage when leaving. He was taken to a local hospital and kept in overnight.

8th July

Mick, Keith and Ronnie jammed with Muddy Waters in a club in Chicago, Illinois.

17th June

Release of The Rolling Stones' 26th US album - Some Girls - Rolling Stones Records COC.39108.

16th June

Release of The Rolling Stones' 27th UK album - Some Girls - Rolling Stones Records CUN.39108.

10th June

The Rolling Stones commenced US Tour – until 26th July 1978.

26th May

Release of The Rolling Stones’ 33rd UK single - Miss You b/w Faraway Eyes - EMI.2802.

23rd May

The Stones rehearsed at Super Bear Studios, Woodstock for US Tour until 7th June 1978.

21st May

Bill and Astrid flew to New York and drove to Woodstock for The Rolling Stones Tour rehearsals. Accommodation arranged for all the Stones except for Bill and Astrid. Bill finally arranged to stay locally at the house of Todd Rundgren.

10 May

Release of The Rolling Stones's 36th single in the US - Miss You b/w Faraway Eyes - RS.13219.

2nd May

The Rolling Stones shot videos for Miss You, Respectable and Girl With The Faraway Eyes in New York.


Release of The Rolling Stones' 35th US single – Miss You b/w Too Tough - Rolling Stone 7-99724.

29th March

The musical Let The Good Stones Roll (The Rolling Stones story) began a five-week run at the Ambassadors Theatre, London.