Blinds & Shutters

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Hardback: 368 pages

Publisher: Genesis Publications, 1990

Language: English


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Over 600 image-varnished photographs – with Rolling Stones photos and The Beatles photos, most of the photos are previously unpublished. Each copy of Blinds & Shutters is individually numbered and personally signed by former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman and at least nine other contributors.

Each copy of Blinds & Shutters is hand-bound in leather and buckram by craftsmen and comes in a hand-made silk-screened Solander box with a sliding blind which reveals an individual photographic print unique to your copy. The variety of autographs and prints means that no two copies are the same.

Blinds & Shutters is the result of five years’ international research and close collaboration with 93 contributors. It is a mind-expanding journey through the 60s, and has been internationally acclaimed as the definitive cult chronicle of that decade.

Photographer Michael Cooper worked with leading musicians (the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Marianne Faithfull, Eric Clapton), artists (Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Peter Blake and David Hockney) and writers (William Burroughs, Jean Genet and Allen Ginsberg).

His intimate images and candid portraits – including Rolling Stones photos and The Beatles photos – of their lives are lovingly recorded in this leather-bound masterpiece. With comments and recollections by friends and associates, this book offers a unique opportunity to experience the era through the eyes and minds of its key players.

‘Blinds and Shutters is one of those books that will both appreciate and be appreciated… It is an astounding new book’ – The Washington Post

‘The most stupendous rock and roll picture book ever assembled’ – USA Today

Blinds & Shutters is limited to 5,000 copies