Bill Wyman Yamaha G100 Mark 2 amp with Yamaha S215 bass speaker cabinet - image 1

Yamaha G100 Mark 2 Amp With Yamaha S215 Bass Speaker Cabinet

Yamaha Amp G100 Mark 2, serial number 3737, and Yamaha cabinet S215, serial number 2673, 2 x 15 speakers.

Used in a Bill Wyman Yamaha ad and promotional posters.

This Yamaha G100II amp head is a 100-watt solid-state guitar amp with 2-channel parametric EQ reverb. The amp was designed by Paul Rivera and made in Japan by Yamaha.

The matching S215 speaker cabinet is a side reflex cabinet fitted with two 15-inch speakers.

A gift from Yamaha to Bill Wyman in 1983.

Bill used this amp on tour at many of the 900-plus shows he performed with the Rhythm Kings throughout 1993-2016.

Cabinet: 42 by 28 by 15 inches

Head: 10 by 25 by 11 inches

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