Bill Wyman Steinberger custom short-scale XL bass black finish - image 1

Steinberger Custom Short-Scale XL Bass Black Finish

This is a special, one-of-a-kind bass built for Wyman in a short scale by arrangement through Alan Rogan.

Steinberger L-Series basses were all built with 24 frets. Wyman’s custom Steinberger has only 22 frets by eliminating the last two frets.

Designed and manufactured by Ned Steinberger, who was awarded “Design of the Decade” by the prestigious Designers Society of America for his creation of the XL bass, this Steinberger XL-Series bass was constructed from the trademarked “STEINBERGER BLEND,” a reinforced composite material.

The neck and body are modelled as one piece. The bass is fitted with EMG pickups and electronics with the unique Steinberger tuning bridge tailpiece.

The bass has the cap from a Bic pen affixed to the top of the bass where the headstock would be so that Bill could place a cigarette there while playing on stage. With custom road case and guitar strap from the Rolling Stones 1981 American Tour in support of their album Tattoo You.

Bill also used this bass onstage with the Rolling Stones during the 1982 European tour and during the 1988 A.I.M.S. charity concert held at the Royal Albert Hall. The bass was also photographed backstage leaning up against a Stones road case during the 1982 tour.

37 by 10 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches

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