Bill Wyman Fairlight keyboard system - image 1

Fairlight Keyboard System

1985 Fairlight CMI keyboard system, serial numbers SNA 0284251, SNB 0184247, SNC 0384269.

This Australian-built Fairlight Computer Music Instrument (CMI) was a state-of-the-art synthesizer/sampler workstation when it was produced in 1985.

It was one of the first samplers with 28 megabytes or more of memory, a full 73-note velocity-sensitive keyboard, complete synthesis and editing of digitally sampled sounds, three different on-board SMPTE sequencers and storage to various disk mediums.

The processor itself is housed in a 24-inch module.

With all disks and manual, full system, stand, and a single filing cabinet drawer containing original manuals and paperwork and more than 60 eight-inch floppy discs, most with sound effects, samples and original formatting discs.

CPU: 12 1/2 by 29 by 16 1/2 inches

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