Vox AC30 Amplifier in Road Case

1962 VOX AC30 Normal model amplifier, serial number 5048N, showing that the amp was built at the Jennings Dartford Road factory in February 1962.

The amp is covered in fawn-colored Rexine with a brownish copper control panel and no “Top Boost” circuit. The 30-watt tube amp is fitted with a pair of Celestion 12-inch blue T.530 speakers. Two of the original leather side handles have been replaced with a pair of VOX SBU handles.

The sticker inside the amp shows that the amp was serviced by Alan Pyne at 119 Dartford Road. This very important and historic amp is one of the reasons Wyman was asked to join the Rolling Stones.

Keith Richards commented in his autobiography Life that “Bill had amplifiers! Bill came fully equipped. A Vox AC-30 amplifier, which was beyond our means to possess. Built by Jennings in Dartford. We used to worship it. We used to look at it and get on our knees. To have an amplifier was crucial. First off, I just wanted to separate Bill from his amplifier. But that was before he started playing with Charlie.”

This VOX AC30 was used extensively by Wyman and the Rolling Stones. The amp is housed in a black road case custom made to house the amp. Tape label on case reads “Ripple Productions,” and another tape label on top of case reads very faintly “ Vox.”

The amp is clearly visible in photographs of Wyman’s first band, The Cliftons, The amp is also visible in a photograph taken of the Rolling Stones first outdoor show at the “ Battersea Funfair” in Battersea Park, London on May 4, 1963.

Amp: 21 by 27 by 10 1/2 inches Case: 29 by 31 1/2 by 14 1/2 inches

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