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  • Tucky Buzzard
  • Jimmy Henderson - vocals
  • Dave Brown - vocals and bass guitar
  • Nicky Graham - vocals and keyboards
  • Terry Taylor - vocals and guitar
  • Chris Johnson - drums

  • Lead vocals by Jimmy Henderson, except Sally Shotgun and My Friend (Dave Brown) and Time Will Be Your Doctor and Gu Gu Gu (Nicky Graham)

  • Additional musicians:
  • Paul Francis - drums
  • Mick Taylor - guitar on My Friend
  • Bobby Keys - horns on Whiskey Eyes and Rolling Cloud
  • Jim Price - horns on Whiskey Eyes and Rolling Cloud
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  • All tracks arranged by Bill Wyman/Tucky Buzzard except Pisces Apple Lady (Leon Russell)
  • Recorded and mixed at Olympic Studios, London, England
  • Engineer: Keith Harwood - Assisted by: Chris Kimsey and Jeremy Gee
  • Mixed by Glyn Johns and Keith Harwood
  • Album Design: Dirt Boys
  • Produced by Bill Wyman
  • Originally released June 1971
  • Tucky Buzzard

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    Recorded at Olympic Studios, Barnes, London, 1969 and 1971. All tracks written by Tucky Buzzard except 'Pisces Apple Lady' written by Leon Russell. Paul Francis [drums] left during the recording of this album and his place was taken by an old friend from Spain, Chris Johnston. Produced by Bill, with occasional help from Glyn Johns, with Mick Taylor doing a bit of guitar playing, and the Rolling Stones brass section of Bobby Keys [sax] and Jim Price [trumpet] helping out on some tracks.

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    Full track listing

    Tucky Buzzard

  • Time Will Be Your Doctor
  • Stainless Steel Lady
  • Sally Shotgun
  • Gu Gu Gu
  • My Friend
  • Pisces Apple Lady
  • She's Meat
  • Ace The Face
  • Whiskey Eyes
  • Rolling Cloud
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    1. On what date in, I believe it was 1972, did Tucky Buzzard open for Black Sabbath at the Jacksonville Colleseum in Florida?


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