Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings – video documentary and interviews

Go behind-the-scenes with Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings in this fantastic series of video interviews with Bill and archive footage from Groovin’.

Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings line up took part in a 30 minute documentary as part of the release of Groovin’ – and you can watch the three part interviews below.

The interviews – including an extensive chat with Bill – recall how the Rhythm Kings were formed, their music and approach to performing, and also include a special performance of Tell You A Secret – the first track from the album Groovin’.

You can visit the official Bill Wyman YouTube channel to get the latest videos from Bill, including interviews, performances and music videos. Make sure you click ‘Subscribe’ when you visit!

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings documentary – part one:

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings documentary – part two:

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings documentary – part three:


  1. Lots of fun to see these interviews, especially the reference to “ants in my pants.” Never heard Bill do an American accent before! Very well done.

  2. Oh, and I wanted to mention, because there isn’t anyplace else to do it, that I received Bill’s Scrapbook as a Christmas present and have enjoyed it thoroughly.

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    When are you touring.


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